5 Things that Baffle Me

Hey all! Hope you’re all well. So you may remember I did a post about ‘Thinks that Irk me’, this post is about things I just don’t get. Things that confuse me. Weird things. “Thank you…thank you” – So…you’re walking behind someone into/through a building and you need to walk through several doors. They go […]

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Rome – October 2018

Ciao! Been away for a while haven’t I? By away I mean Rome, and it was a truly beautiful place to visit. Take everything you would expect this city to be, and it will find a way to exceed these expectations. Around just about every corner is stunning architecture after stunning architecture. I’ve added maps […]

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Blogger Recognition Award!

Thank you to Wanderlust With the Devaulls for this nomination! Ain’t they kind? They also have a rather grand travel blog which is certainly worth a look! Rules for the Blogger Recognition Award Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog Write a post to show your award Attach the award to the […]

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Autumn Tag

Oh it’s Sunday evening. Such a bleak time of the week as a whole week lurks around the corner. BUT I’m not so suicidal this week as this time NEXT week we’ll be in Rome on our Honeymoon! Very excited for that and will share what we saw/ate/drank on this very blog. Unti then…I was […]

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What Irks Me

So I read a post by Caledonian Kitty that made me chuckle. Just a list of those annoying pet peeves we come across on a day to day basis. She suggested I do one myself so here goes… Modded Cars So these are your Vauxhall Corsas and VW Golfs that have inexplicably been modified to be […]

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Horror Movie Tag

Horror is probably my favourite genre, with a lean towards psychological horrors rather than ridiculous zombie slasher movies. 28 Days Later could be regarded as an exception to this (it’s not a zombie film!!!), which is just an absolute masterpiece. My favourite horror movie is The Ring, which I explore more in my ‘Ginge’s Favourites: […]

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