Ginge Plays – Undertale

welcome… …to my review… …of Undertale   This…this was unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever played. It looks like educational games we used to use on our old BBC computers at primary school in the 1990’s, and tells a story like a revolutionary novelist. You play a child who has stumbled into the underground world full of […]

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New York, New York

Happy 2019 all! Haven’t posted for a while so I thought I’d crack this year’s posting off with a good old travel post about my Christmas holiday to New York! I had been looking forward to this holiday A LOT, as New York was on my travel bucket list. We flew with American Airlines and […]

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Ginge’s Favourites – Albums

Hi all! Got another top 5 coming your way, and today we’re delving in to the world of music. Specifically, albums. Annnd go: 5. Gabrielle Aplin – English Rain Gabrielle Aplin is criminally underrated and underplayed. Her voice is like birdsong and her tracks are a soundtrack to those cosy, comfy days at home, or […]

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5 Things that Baffle Me

Hey all! Hope you’re all well. So you may remember I did a post about ‘Thinks that Irk me’, this post is about things I just don’t get. Things that confuse me. Weird things. “Thank you…thank you” – So…you’re walking behind someone into/through a building and you need to walk through several doors. They go […]

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Rome – October 2018

Ciao! Been away for a while haven’t I? By away I mean Rome, and it was a truly beautiful place to visit. Take everything you would expect this city to be, and it will find a way to exceed these expectations. Around just about every corner is stunning architecture after stunning architecture. I’ve added maps […]

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